Company Facts

We are very pragmatic and love to have satisfied clients.  Our office approaches each project according to its unique qualities.  We begin our work with a thorough analysis of all aspects of the project.  It is extremely important for us to work strategically and to ask the right questions for each project so that the design process is efficient and productive. While in certain projects the economic considerations might be most important, in others it might be the client’s functional requirements, and in yet others the choice of materials might be paramount, and so forth. Our goal is to prepare the appropriate documents required to create a building that clearly communicates an idea and simultaneously fills the client’s needs.

Company name: Wåhlin Arkitekter AB
Registered: 556491-1500
Registered office: Stockholm
Auditor: PwC Johan Svärdlöf
Bank: Södra Dalarnas Sparbank
Tax: VAT registered, the F-tax Ratings: Triple A
Turnover: 11 235 000 (2015)
Employees: 10 employees (2015)
Starting year: 1994
PAR Architects
Swedish Technology and Design, STD,
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